Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga is an adjunctive treatment for complex trauma that focuses on giving clients an opportunity to practice noticing body sensations (interoception) in the context of a safe relationship, based on an invitational approach to yoga forms, with no physical assists. TCTSY has been studied in a Randomized Control Trial and has shown encouraging results.


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"A Brief History of TCTSY
In 2002, when David Emerson first reached out to Dr. Bessel van der Kolk about the idea of using yoga for trauma there were no models that existed within a clinical context to turn to for guidance. The program needed to be created from scratch. Combining the clinical insights of van der Kolk and Emerson’s dedication to yoga teaching for traumatized people, the first pilot studies were undertaken by the Trauma Center. Partners in the community such as Healthworks for Women and Back Bay Yoga graciously donated their space for the pilot studies. After teaching the first pilot study classes Emerson began to bring in yoga colleagues to help with the second study. The first to come on board were Susanna Barry and Nicole Rosenberg. Later, in 2006, to help create a training program and start offering weekly TCTSY sessions for men and women at the Trauma Center, Emerson enlisted the help of the well-regarded yoga teachers Jodi Carey and Dana Moore. Over the years, other teachers have contributed their time and expertise. In 2008, Jennifer Turner was invited onto the team and she has since become the supervisor of TCTSY facilitators at the Trauma Center and within the certification program. Ms. Turner also taught the classes for our third study, a Randomized Controlled Trial, the first of its kind to be funded by the National Institutes of Health. Emerson continues to direct and to write about the program at large, to consult with agencies, and to work individually with military veterans and teens in residential treatment programs. The Trauma Center yoga team offers trainings to yoga teachers and mental health professionals interested in incorporating some TCTSY  techniques."