This list is not reflective of ROOTS schedule. Please feel free to reach out if you have interest in individual sessions or future group sessions.

ROOTS offers individual sessions in Alfred and travels to agencies and organizations to help make TCTSY more accessible. Not all group sessions are publicized in the interest of privacy for participants.

Upcoming Group Session:

Located at Peck’s Family Acupuncture in Waterboro Maine

Thursday Mornings beginning September 5th 10-11am

This class is designed for beginners through intermediate students. In this series you’ll be invited to explore forms and make choices based on how you feel. This class is suitable for most students and accommodations will be made to welcome all. Our practice will include yoga forms, breathing, and mindfulness; our focus will be on remaining present and honoring our bodies throughout the class.

Cost for this 5 week series is $65 and pre-registration is required. Please feel free to call Kelcy at 207-651-9952 or email her for more information or to register.